Photography always inspired me, but due to my frequent travels and the fast changing technology, I lost contact with my passion. The Minolta-7000 I got from my dad often remained in the closet for being to big and heavy to travel with and the APS-Films for my brilliant Canon IXUS pocket camera soon were not sold any longer.

Digital photography became the new standard and a quick purchase of a new Canon pocket camera came with disappointing result in quality. Panasonic was one of the first pocket cameras that delivered some good images with the Lumix series and I found back some of my early inspiration for capturing all the beauty that the World offered. .

It was time to challenge myself again, to learn and fine tune all the techniques that come with Photography. So I got myself a good setup with a Sony Mirrorless  system, that allows me to take advantage of the small camera body when I'm traveling, but does not compromise in image quality and has the flexibility to expand with a great selection of lenses.


The only way to improve yourself and know if your images are as great as you think they are, is to show them and learn from others. That is why I started this website. So enjoy and don't hesitate to contact me or leave your comments on my Blog


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