Photography always inspired me, but due to my frequent travels and the fast changing technology, I lost contact with my passion. The Minolta-7000 which I got from my dad, often remained in the closet for being too big and too heavy to travel with and the APS-Film, for the brilliant Canon IXUS pocket camera that I carried with my travel, wasn't sold any longer.

Digital photography became the new standard and a quick purchase of a new Canon pocket camera came with disappointing result in quality. Panasonic was one of the first pocket cameras that delivered some good images with the Lumix series and I found back some of my early inspiration for capturing all the beauty that the World has to offer.

It was time to challenge myself, so I purchased a Sony Mirrorless system, that allows me to take advantage of the small camera body when I'm traveling, but does not compromise in image quality and has the flexibility to expand with a great selection of lenses.

With a permanent place in my travel bag, it now follows me around wherever I go. Besides taking pictures during my travels, I also have started taking interest in portrait photography. Please feel free to take a look at my Portfolio to see some of my work.

Do you want to get a photo printed, use one of my images for business purposes or are you interested in a photoshoot or workshop?

Please contact me.

I'm also happy to answer any general questions you might have

and listen to your suggestions.

Leon Hazenoot

Leon Hazenoot



“In July 2020 I did a studio shoot with Leon in combination with a workshop given by Ted Denies. The goal was to get some intense looks, which was a little bit difficult for me at the beginning, trying not to smile. With the help from Ted, the end result surprised me with some very cool pictures. On top of that it was a lot of fun.”

Dory & Willy

“The photo shoot was a real joy. Leon was really patient and playful with the kittens. The photo's turned out to be very beautiful, even though the kittens rarely stayed still to pose.”


“I've done two shoots with Leon so far. One studio shoot and one on location at the beach. Both turned out really well. Leon is my uncle, so that was a bit weird at first, but he was making compliments and let me feel comfortable in front of the camera.”