Creating is one, maintaining is a lot more.

It has almost been 6 months since the launch of my first web site and I must admit that I have been not active enough to maintain it. Even when you think everything looks perfect, there are always still a lot of little improvements to be made. But I'm spending more time and focus on this now, which besides continuing to take photo's is just as important.

So what is new...

The website has now it's own official Domain Name ! is a fact, plus I got a shorter one reserved as well only this one was only available as a .nl domain, so I'm hesitating if I should change it, LHPhotography is the other name. Please leave your comments which one you think is better.

You might have noticed that Forum has changed to Blog, they both do pretty much the same, but the Blog just looks a bit better in my opinion and allows me to post from anywhere any time with the app on my phone.

There is also a new added feature from #WIX, a print and gift store where you can purchase HR prints or some printed gifts like mugs, phone covers, etc.

What is still coming...

Updated portfolio and images for the Prints and Gift store.

Hoping to create a #MeetUp community for Workshops or informal get togethers with other photographers in Bordeaux France or near the Bollenstreek in the Netherlands.

Spring is not far away, so getting ready to take some more pictures of the local flower fields.

I'm looking into the possibility to maybe have a Language Selection for my Website. Focus will be to add Dutch and French.

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Regards, Leon Hazenoot.


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