to my first blog on the freshly updated website for LightHuesPhotography. It's a new look, but offers a higher quality of imaging and a better service for my clients. After my first professional photoshoot, I came to realize that my previous web-host did not meet the standards required to present my photographs to my clients. Therefor I had to switch to another web-host, which meant rebuilding my site from scratch. I've tried to keep the layout and options some-what the same, but also had to make some compromises, losing some functionality that the new web-host currently does not provide yet. The most noticeable is the loss of being able to offer my site in multiple languages. Hopefully this will be an option that will become available in the future. But the most important thing as a photographer is the ability to share your images with your clients, which need to be of the highest quality and with the comfort that these images are secure. This new web-host offers the best for these two criteria and in addition it provides an integrated service for ordering high quality prints or digital copies of your pictures as well. At some point I would possibly upgrade these services to a full store where you can buy a selection of prints from my portfolio as well. I hope you enjoy the new Look and Feel of my website. Please leave your comments and recommendations below. With kind regards, Leon.